West Point
West Point
32" x 40"
Oil on Canvas

West Point – the words hold an honored significance
to every young man who considers a career in the army.
Whether or not he might one day attend that respected
and challenging institution, he knows that all who do
receive excellent academic education and training
for a military career and for life in general.
Among many famous graduates, two have become
President of the United States and many others
have served as governors, ambassadors, educators,
corporate executives and other high level positions.
The United States Military Academy at West Point
– often just USMA – dates far back into our history.
Situated on a prominent point of land at a bend of
the Hudson River in the state of New York.
The site was selected in 1778 by George Washington
for an army fort. It now occupies 16,000 acres
and has developed into a beautiful institution
It is the oldest continuously occupied
military post in the United States.
When Artist Philip Schuyler's paintings of young men
in army life were exhibited at the Academy in 1971,
he was struck by the glistening beauty of the
parade ground after a rain with men marching in review
and chose to acknowledge in a painting the importance of
officer training and education at West Point.

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