The Search
The Search
40" x 30"
Oil on Canvas

Vietnam near Laotian Border – April, 1967
Captain Robert A. Costa
Sergeant First Class Clifford H. Shelley

The Americans in the painting, The Search,
are operating out of an "A" Camp located in the
northern corner of South Vietnam near the Laotian border.
This camp has been overrun by the Viet Cong several times
resulting in serious losses. The heroic men who face this enemy
are typical of those manning "A" Camps throughout South Vietnam.
The first task of the Green Berets is to locate and render ineffective
any enemy guerillas in their area. To this end they conduct
search and destroy operations, combat patrols and ambushes,
and are constantly seeking enemy intelligence. When enemy soldiers are killed
they are frequently found to be carrying orders, maps or other information
the Americans can use to locate their camps and anticipate their moves.
They may also be carrying weapons and ammunition supplies.
While the local militia is being trained to protect their own people,
the Green Berets are providing a foundation on which to build
the confidence and respect of the villagers by providing
security and helping the many refugees who escape the enemy.
This painting depicts the search of two Viet Cong by American soldiers.

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