40" x 30"
Oil on Canvas

Vietnam – April, 1967
Near Cung Son Special Forces "A" Team Camp

Sergeant First Class Clifford H. Shelley and Hired Irregulars
The 5th Special Forces, better known as "The Green Berets," is an elite corps.
The officers and men are superbly trained, dedicated and heroic.
Portrayed is Sergeant Shelley leading a contingent of Irregulars
on an attack and destroy mission. The troops are grimacing as they all yell
in an attempt to convince the Viet Cong that a much larger force is attacking.
The whole situation seemed slightly unreal and hazy to the artist
because of a leg wound he had suffered minutes earlier
when the Jeep in which he was riding was thrown by an explosion.
This memory may have contributed to
the impressionistic style he gave to the painting.

VN Bak Btn